AT&T blocks 4chan

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Uncovered: The Truth Behind the AT&T 4chan-Block

Reports are spreading that AT&T is now blocking’s «/b/»-section.

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Firing one of the first shots in the net neutrality war, AT&T has blocked 4chan’s /b/ image board. AT&T subscribers are unable to connect to /b/ and /r9k/ (both of which are hosted on However, subscribers can get on any of the so-called «worksafe» boards that offers.

The problem seems to be present only for wired connections only (AT&T Mobility customers are not affected). The problem is not caused by an DNS-error, as traceroutes indicates that AT&T is dropping requests in the AT&T network.

Slashdot, Digg & Reddit are now running stories that are rapidly being upvoted about the topic.

As citizens of a free internet, what do we think about this kind of censorship?

UPDATED 1: Confirmation comes from several Reddit users that the website has indeed been blocked in a number of areas in the US and that it is not a technical issue.

UPDATED 2: A mere 5 hours after the problems were first reported on Reddit, sources on /b/ say that members of Anonymous has already started planning retaliation towards AT&T – amongst other things posting personal information about AT&T executives. One might quietly wonder if the AT&T megacorp. knows what’s it up against – with 4chan often being referred to as “The Internet Hate Machine”.

UPDATED 3: It turns out 15.5% of all US internet users use AT&T DSL, so this is quite a big problem. It will severly affect 4chan, both in regards of traffic and advertising volumes.

UPDATED 4: moot, the founder of 4chan, officially acknowledges the ban – calling for disconcerned users to «call or write customer support and corporate immediately»: … Somehow, I get a feeling they’re gonna do a lot more than that, moot.

UPDATED 5: From rumors on /b/, it seems 4chan’s first retaliatory strike will be towards Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T. The Consumerist has more. There are also murmurs about the AT&T block being put into place because of supposed mass DDoS-attacks to and from, but so far there has been no official, verifiable response from AT&T.

UPDATED 6: 4chan’s current gameplan evolving over at Encyclopedia Dramatica (Great stuff!). Also, from reports gathered on Reddit, it seems this block allegedly is because of massive DDoS-attacks against  The reports doesn’t say  anything about why AT&T would block 15.5% of all US internet users from using a specific website without any warning, though.

UPDATED 7: This article is now no. 1 on – and has received more than 120.000 visitors in less than 10 hours. For now, I guess 4chan and Anon is showing AT&T its strength in pure numbers. Help spread the word, we need to raise awareness of this issue and Net neutrality.

UPDATED 8: According to CentralGadget, 4chan is now UNBLOCKED by AT&T. AT&T says they were «following the practices of their policy department», but that they have restored network-wide access to all areas of 4chan. Shitstorm averted? Also, according to CentralGadget, 4chan is currently down «due to a large DDOS attack, affecting most of 4chan’s servers.» This appears unrelated to the AT&T blockade, but may have been triggered by the high-profile attention that 4chan has received during the past 24 hours.

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      1. pardon Im actually talking to the host of the blog here. All I ever see most of is stuff like this. Seriously wordpress could do better at picking blogs that matter.

      2. That screenshot totally misrepresents the conversation. Anyone with some common sense can see the AT&T rep is replying with “Sure” in response “One last question”. You can tell by the scrollbar on the right there is more conversation further down that was conveniently left out of the screenshot.

    1. Why do Americans care so much about this crap when half of its marriages end in divorce and a larger portion is addicted to porn AND we have a government that does not care about its people any more for the most part. Seriously, go give your TV to a recycler in a third world country that can be it to better use. You make me angry.

      1. STFU, GTFO. I couldn’t care less about other people, and niether do you. Just keep thinking that you do, so that you may be a “better person.” Grow a spine, because most people don’t give a SHIT.

      2. you are completely ignorant of your rights and responsibilities as an American citizen. This company is CHOOSING WHAT CONTENT IS ACCEPTABLE FOR YOU and you are seriously going to sit back and allow it to happen because you don’t look at that site? really???

      3. When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent; I was not a communist.

        When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat.

        When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist.

        When they came for the Jews, I remained silent; I wasn’t a Jew.

        When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.

        TL;DR AT&T are the Nazis. Today 4chan, but it Tomorrow it may be you. DO SOMETHING.

      4. Hey Mike, are you playing with a full deck or what?

        Thia ain’t about the crap you’re bringing up and besides there’s no such thing porn addiction and I like my high-def tv.

        Go get yourself a life.

      5. Well, freedom of expression is on another plane of importance than people’s immaturity to deal with relationship issues.

        Freedom of expression is the absolute necessity behind democracy.

        Fixing relationships can be done in all sorts of political environments, where there is a will and some maturity to do it.

      1. Curiosity got the better of me, so I followed your link. It says “img can’t be found” and redirects to the front page of imageshack. Thought you may want to know

    2. Do some research. They blocked it because a customer of AT&T was DDoS’d from members of the /b/ board. They were protecting their users.

    1. Anonymous is Legion.

      And Anonymous does not take kindly to this new brand of faggotry. Man the harpoons my fellow warriors, and put on your battle face. The war begins now.

      1. Lurk moar.

        Overuse of memes blatantly points out that you are indeed a newfag.

    2. We are everywhere. We are nowhere. We are nothing, and everything. We are the people. The People are us. You can Never silence the People.


  1. It’s absolutely unreal that this would happen here, and it’s a bold and stupid move on AT&T’s part. First 4Chan, then what?

    1. First 4chan, then the world!!!!! Praise Anon for the safety of AT&T because 4chan will bring swift justice upon thy enemies.

    1. inb4

      First they came for the pedophiles, and I did not speak out, because I was not a pedophile.

      Then, they came for the pirates, and I did not speak out because I was not a pirate.

      Then they came for anonymous, and I did not speak out because I was not anonymous.

      Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    2. Action needs to be taken now, not later. If the precedent is set that an ISP can block content to match their own personal views then that starts the censorship of the internet.

      It’s to be stopped now, or else we will be seeing everything censored.

    1. Maybe 4Chan doesn’t need to do raids and stuff after all. AT&T can screw up their moderating all on their own.

  2. >>Works on wireless connections.
    >>Works in Florida and Kansas.
    That’s not news.

    4chan powers, ACTIVATE.

  3. Well, /b/ is going to act like little children, of course, and only making things worse. In stead of simply threatening to leave the provider, they’ll DDOS it etc.

    That being said, this kind of censorship is not right.

    1. Leaving an ISP simply isn’t an option for some people. In most rural areas, there’s only one ISP to choose from. If you don’t like what they do, then you’re without internet.

      This is why an ISP deciding what is safe for their consumers to read and what isn’t simply is not right.

      1. Simply because they think they can control what we do or don’t know. The media does the same. There are parental controls for a reason, and if a kid is smart enough to get around those parental controls, I say he’s earned his right to look at whatever he’s trying to look at, /b/ / 4chan included.

      2. I don’t know how it’s in the States, but here, there’s also the problem of period of contract, if you leave before it ends, you have to pay their shit.

        That being said, who can leave should leave.

  4. Oh, I have AT&T and just tried to look at /b/, gives me timed out error. wow.

    it’s amazing AT&T would do this. even if /b/ is a mass chaotic internet hate machine (cue exploding van here), it’s not right to do this sort of censorship.

    I wonder what kind of hissy fit /b/ will throw.

    1. Even if 4chan is just a bunch of idiots, the fact that ATT censored a website could be the “foot in the door” to block more sites.

      This issue is huge and net neutrality is threatened when any site is blocked like this, I don’t care if it’s a racist blog or digg…

      1. I agree, as long as internet service providing is monopolized, anti-censorship and net neutrality are key. Referencing the prior post about rural areas, isps in those areas could easily run the internet like a fascist state.

  5. What 4chan and others need to realize is “real life” and the fact of the matter is although 4chan is big, whatever, ATT is fucking GIGANTIC. And people like ATT in this “real world”, they don’t know, nor care who 4chan is and is the picture is painted correctly, ATT has an easy win in whatever outcome this may present. 4Chan needs to think very hard, intelligently on this or they risk starting something they cannot finish and will only make things much, much worse on them and their lovely website they enjoy so much. Now is not the time for heavy handed responses nor childish tit-for-tat tactics. Given the fact this is an internet entity we’re talking about, I just don’t think 4chan and Anon have it in them to handle it any other way. Their tactics against Scientology have done ZILCH despite the fact most ordinary folks in that “real world” really don’t even enjoy Scientology. And now, magically, 4chan is going to beat ATT somehow? Get a grip.

    Not saying what ATT did or is doing is remotely right. I don’t enjoy ATT personally for various political reasons, but I damn sure know and respect their power and choose my battles and responses carefully. It is an interesting situation.. They are a service provider, you don’t like their ways of doing things, stop using them and let capitalism take it’s course. Should people be able to tell others how to run a business and insist they run it a certain way? Does ATT not have the right to run their biz how they wish just as we have the “right” to take our money elsewhere? While we stand up for non-censorship on this level (it’s not the Gov. doing it, folks..), we must also remember by telling a company how they have to run their business is also a form of censorship, not allowing ATT to conduct business how they rightfully choose. The only answer is to stop using their services and getting the word out about how they have started this. Do not do anything stupid. (lol, it’s the internet.. Of COURSE something stupid is going to happen.. Then, the crying really starts up.. Fucking nerds man.. )

    1. Dude, Mr. T, I don’t know if you’re been to America much, but most places don’t actually have the option of switching to a different ISP. ISPs have geographic monopolies. For that reason, unconventional methods may be necessary.

      1. Any REAL 4Channer can hack their phone to view it anyway. WHy do they even care? I am starting to wonder if 4Chan is really as powerful as they start rumors about or if it is an urban legend way out of hand. I don’t personally want a demonstration but, you know. I sometimes wonder. I’ve seen raids, but they could never hack the pentagon.

    2. You, sir, are a fool.

      Capitalism does not take it’s course on ATT in most areas, because in many areas of the U.S. there are not other choices. Sometimes you have a choice between ATT DSL and Time Warner Cable (in S.E Wisconsin that’s how it is). They each have a monopoly over their respective connection type.

      Also, 4chan isn’t just big. It’s huge. I guarantee more people visit every day than ATT has customers.

    3. Ryan, you have to realize that ATT is not just a company. It is a utility. You can restrict a person’s utilities because he’s growing pot (electrical) or is pirating (internets), as that is illegal. /b/ is another issue.

    4. Mr. T, regardless of what 4channers do or don’t do, this is something bigger than that. This is a major telco censoring a major website. This can affect everyone on the internet, not just /b/tards and the like.

    5. You know, I don’t care how gigantic AT&T is, they just, essentially, ticked off the internet. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor they said they had woken a sleeping giant. Well, this giant wasn’t sleeping, and is MUCH more likely to use the A-Bomb as a first-resort. I almost feel sorry for them, and I wouldn’t be surprised if half of their exec’s are forced to resign from this.

      1. well actually, in this situation, 4chan would probably be Japan seeing as how 4chan is miniscule compared to AT&T. and we have to remember that Japan lost, even though they put up a hell of a fight.

        hopefully 4chan fares better. im rooting the the underdog.

    6. Hey dickshit, ITS AGAINST THE FIRST AMMENDMENT. Now, knowing that you stupid niggers dont know shit about politics, rights, or anything, let me explain. The first ammendment grants Free Speech, what /b/ shows, more than anything, is that free speech is alive and well, and here is AT&T Stripping us of our rights. Not to mention, now they will have to block EVERY other site that shows illicit material. Good Game AT&T, you’re fucked…


      1. It’s not (technically) against the first ammendment. Just like *any* website can restrict the speech on it (regardless of where it’s hosted), an ISP can restrict how its services are used (As long as such power is mentioned in their Terms of Service, which may or may not require them notifying their customers of a change to put it there), even if it means restricting what websites can be accessed. You wouldn’t go into your library and then complain when you can’t visit a link like “” on the computers there; it’s the same circumstances.

        However, it *should* be illegal; it’s why there have been (and still are) many lobbiers for ‘net neutrality’ around… to make things like this illegal for providers in the US.

      2. No it’s not. The First Amendment has no clause establishing what an ISP can do with their customers in respect to a web-site, and to my knowledge no case concerning ISP or telecommunications in respect to the Internet or “censorship” has ever came before a state Supreme Court, much less the Federal Supreme Court. It’s no different in how a company can ban subsidiaries from selling certain products. In this case the company is AT&T, the subsidiaries are the local ISP networks and the effected product is 4Chan. Here is a list of all the Supreme Court cases dealing with the First Amendment and dealing with the freedom of expression and speech:


        The First Amendment would only apply (in this instance) it if was a governmental agency expression laws that forbid freedom of speech on the Internet. To my knowledge, the only cases to deal with Internet censorship deal with things like the Online Child Protections Act.

      3. Does all these little kiddies at 4chan forget that ATT OWNS all the lines in the states ? Who do you think put down all these lines for the connections…

        I guess they dont know about what was built from the 70s on.

    7. Mr. T,

      Unfortunately you have been living under a rock for the past few years. 4chan might not have as much clout with legitimate society as AT&T does but what it does have is an enormous amount of adolescent to middle aged extremely computer savvy users that relish their “Interwebs freedom.” Its like walking into a biker bar and trying to stop people from getting beer. AT&T might have more resources but /b/tards are small and nearly unidentifiable with a huge lack of ethics when it comes to damaging people who are acting like douchebags. Mark my words sir, fighting 4chan is like fighting terrorists, no one wins.

    8. Poor man. His parents touched him when he was young. Dont beat up on Mr T too much boys, he has hard a hard time. :( Poor lil boy…

    9. He does have a point. AT&T can stop providing 4Chan just like Burger King cand stop selling Whoppers. If ya don’t like it, got to Mickey D’s.

    10. Sorry Mr. T, maybe you ate too many balls and have become confused. You have no idea the war that has begun. Please step aside and close your mouth hole or it will be closed for you. :)

    11. TL;DR, you hate 4chon, think that it’s not a big deal since it’s not the gov’t doing the censoring etc.

      The point is that Net Neutrality is being put at risk here. Sure, AT&T is big, but they mostly consist and thrive on their consumers. If the consumer decides to off it and leave AT&T, they get smaller. If you compound that with the whole of the people who this actually matters to on 4chan, you will probably see that it’s a vast number.

      What’s the worst AT&T would do if you rebelled against them? They’re not going to send an angry mob to your front door for leaving their service. Telling a company how to run their business isn’t really censorship to be honest- however, that company has no right to take it upon themselves to simply block a site, not tell the consumer and then blatantly lie about it.

      Of course, it would matter more if it weren’t 4chan, right?

  6. While it is a horrible horrible website, if you’re going to start picking fights you should probably start a little… lower on the foodchain?

    1. Yeah, a random porn site is easier to get away with blocking than a massive sprawling, porn site with several immature hackers at its disposal.

      BTW Ideon is a great show.

  7. Well, this could be the one to end them all. Gentlemen, get ready to fight for your rights. This shitstorm is going to be the biggest one yet.

  8. Actually, what ATT is currently doing may or may not be legal…it’s a little hazy. If you read their TOS, blocking content to users from the internet is not actually listed as something they are allowed to do ( and thus could be considered a violation of “providing access to the internet”. In addition, as a General Provider, they are subject to certain rules and regulations by the government, such as equal access. The second standpoint is a bit hazy when it comes to the internet though. The interesting thing is if they fall back upon the “We’re protecting people from child porn” defense, suddenly they become liable for failing to do everything in their power to protect people from child porn. Thus they’re incurring more responsibility, as they lose their “we’re just a service provider and not responsibility defense”. This was a very, very stupid move, and honestly I don’t see how they can win. By their logic, if someone uploads something objectionable to youtube on a very infrequent but semi-regular basis, then ATT would be legally bound to block youtube for all customers. Bad call ATT….

    1. That’s actually a really good reply to my initial post – and by my standards, your logic and legal sense makes complete sense. This might turn into a fight on multiple levels; both a legal struggle and, well, other sorts of struggle.

      1. THough, they could argue that $chan is responcible for moderaitng ITS content, and that they are refusing to sell their “cuban cigars” to customers.

        The difference between 4Chan and Youtube is that Youtube takes down child porn. 4Chan almost seems to encourage it. AT&T lawyers might be able to figure it out.

      2. To annonymustard,

        It’s highly likely that AT&T’s lawyers had already prepped for a legal battle prior to the decision to block 4chan (In fact, they probably figured they at least stood a fighting chance). While I’ll admit that even multinational corporations can make stupid mistakes, I doubt that they did it without considering the effect on their costs or profits first, and a long legal battle that ended in heavy costs with no benefit seems like ridiculous move for a public corporation. This is besides the fact that they’ll probably have to swamp through hatemail, DDoS attacks, and further retardation.

      3. to annonymustard,

        if 4chan encourages CP, it’s the government’s responsibility, not a private corporation. That’s vigilantism, and that’s illegal.

      4. I want to punch a Scietnologist, preferably David Miscavige in the nutz. After he signs a billion year contract allowing me too, of course.

    2. So, basically what you’re saying… is we should all upload CP to youtube! You heard ‘im, guys! Get to it!

      1. actually 4chan has moderators and do use the banhammer when CP is posted. It’s the users who encourage it, not the mods or moot.

  9. 4chan needs to die. Its become nothing more than newfags. If they can’t get around a simple block or change ISPs they don’t deserve to be on there anyway.

    1. They should be doing cool, fascinating,useful things. They have become a drunk guy stumkbling around a bar and hitting anyone that apperas to be challenging them.

      THey think they are some secret society or something. EVERYONE broke all the rules. We talked about fight club. So what if the italian guy wants to kick us out of his spagetti place.

      BUILD YOUR OWN STINKING SPAGETTI PLACE!!! If they really are worth it, they will.

  10. 888,979

    That’s how many bogus connection attempts have hit my corporate network in the last 18 hours. Source? The exact IP address that resolves to THAT is why AT&T blocked them. They are spewing LOADS of trash in a random manner and affecting network performance. It’s been going on since about middle of last week, as best I can tell.

    Do a bit of actual leg work before you claim it’s political. It’s purely technical, you flock of sheep. If 4chan shuts off the offender, I’m quite certain the block will be removed. If they are by FAR the top line of my firewall hit list (like ten-fold that of the next), and it’s non-sensical connection attempts, clearly 4chan is doing something very unproductive, even for them. Or, is it simply bait to see which would be the first big name to block them so they can throw a TCP tantrum?

    1. I was actually just thinking that it’s possible this was in response to the recent DDOS attacks directed at 4chan. First off, it’s highly unlikely that 4chan themselves have been able to do anything productive as hit your site 888, 979 times…they can’t even attack Scientology with that many numbers, and that was likely their most productive accomplishment. What this does tell us is that someone is using either their users or just redirecting others in a botnet to bounce attacks through 4chan. If this is the case then in theory m00t should be able to plug up the holes. However, ATT simply blocking a site for this is rediculous, someone can bounce an attack through almost any server they feel like. Are you saying if wikipedia was used in the same manner it should just be shut off to a large portion of the US?

      1. 4Chan and Wiki can fix it if they want to be provided by AT&T. Evan Moot has admitted 4Chan needs improvements. This could be all for the best if we end up with a better quality internet in the end. AT&T can choose to sell chalupas and not tacos if they want.

        One of the stupidest people alive, Richard Nixon once said, “The Bohemian Grove is the F491357 Goddamn thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Even he could tell pretentious secret societies were jeuvenile, and he was a F#@king moron.

        I fear 4Chan will become another Bohemian Grove. But there is hope. Only Moot can save them now.

      1. Below is from one particular network device, has been sanitized (both IP and port… they sometimes script ports so they know the squawking target is when they post online) and I’m not going to bother with posting elsewhere and linking. I know what’s up. If you wish to buy politics and censorship, that’s up to you, but ask yourself this… why would AT&T care in the least about 4chan? And if they did, why would they JUST block the image server and not the entire thing? Whether it’s 4chan directly or someone bouncing off their server, it’s coming from them, and it’s with enough volume to cause a problem. I’m a very small fish and it’s very noticeable at the router.


        6|Jul 26 2009|22:04:54|106015||80||33333|Deny TCP (no connection) from to flags SYN ACK on interface outside

        6|Jul 26 2009|22:04:54|106015||80||33333|Deny TCP (no connection) from to flags SYN ACK on interface outside

        6|Jul 26 2009|22:04:54|106015||80||33333|Deny TCP (no connection) from to flags SYN ACK on interface outside

    2. You do realise you can spoof the sending IP address when making a DDoS attack, correct?

      1. Of course. But it’s also very possible that the DDoS resulted in a major security issue at 4chan and now they are generating the traffic instead of receiving it. Common sense says that if AT&T were going to take a major step like that, it would be for a technical reason. They aren’t the smartest bunch from a corporate standpoint, but I would hazard a guess that they have enough geeks that would know they are tempting fate by blocking 4chan and would take that step only if necessary, as opposed to on a whim that will cause precisely what it has — accusations of censorship and violation of net neutrality. ISPs block stuff day in and day out, but they also remove blocks as appropriate. I’ve verified with our ISP that they are seeing this traffic in significant volumes. At this point, it’s annoying, more than anything else. I can’t speak for AT&T’s evaluation of the scale, however.

      2. Interesting that just resolved to a different IP address than it has in the several times I’ve resolved it recently. I bet AT&T filters the entire IP block here soon.

      3. Kinda interesting that. Looks like there’s something going on, sending requests to the http server on img, and masquerading as hosts on your network.

        Quite likely the spammers that have been quite literally blasting that place with garbage posts. Not that i’m saying the users of 4chan are completely innocent here. It’s like a holy war. Only on the internet.

      4. Just posted an update toward the bottom of the thread. Indeed, 4chan is getting DDoS’ed, but they are also partly to blame for not doing anything to stop or throttle the responses. AT&T is very likely trying to help stop this, that’s the irony here. Yet everyone continues to pitch a bloody fit about civil rights, censorship and oppression. Nothing more than geeks being geeks and trying to mop up the spilled packets on their network.

        If it were truly an act of evil by AT&T, it would be a 100% block across their enterprise. It’s not and we’ve known for over 10 days that 4chan has attack issues in play. Logic has escaped the masses once again… it’s more fun to accuse and whine.

  11. this is bad.
    it doent matter which site it is,
    its a censorship, and thats not cool.
    I would just drop ATT service, not write letters.
    att loosing customers is what really will hurt them.

    apparently if you protest you are a low level terrorist — them taking away your first amendment.

    think wisely — a world like DieHard 4 is just around the corner.

  12. Even though I have no care for 4chan this isn’t right. I say someone should blow up a bunch of At&T buildings.

    1. Of course, the only thing worse than a web terrorist, an ACTUAL terrorist. YOu know the police can find your comp through your IPand put you on a terror watch list. Regardless of rigths and stuff, America doesn’t give in to cheap tricks like terrorism to solve their problems. Besides, if you don’t want to have 4chan blocked stop post pedocrap and doing raiods and shit like that. 4Chan is becoming a burden on the internet. Even if AT&T is taking away your right to make in jokes about obscure hentai, killing people destroys all their rights. And not every AT&T employee is responcible for this. Just like how, not ever [b]tardput up childporn and racism. Has anyone heard of NEGOTIATION!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    1. They stopped providing access to it…they didn’t block it. You could get on usenet through third party-providers through ATT’s network without a problem.

  13. FACT: AT&T fags go baww on other boards
    /b/ laughs at them
    99.98% reduction in AT spam on /b/


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  15. Lol. How Ironic I made a post. Stating that he’s taking advantage of the situation and it get REMOVED….

    Hypocrisy. Thy name is stormen.

  16. Grats AT&T, you will now forever be hounded in the same manner you hound the shit out of people who switch services to a rival provider.

  17. I’m sure that this is all carefully calculated on their part. They have surely spent months surveying how many of their customers access, specifically /b/ and /r9k/ and have come to the conclusion that even if all of those customers were to disconnect the service, they would still save more money from all of the DDoS attacks that were coming through by blocking the site completely.

    One thing they can’t calculate is the tenacity and lengths to which /b/ will go to, even those of them who don’t use ATT as an ISP, just to prove a simple point.

  18. &
    Welcome —– —–.
    Connecting to server. Please wait…
    Connection with server established.
    Technical Support Topic: DSL High Speed Internet
    Tristaa has joined this session!
    Connected with Tristaa
    Thank you for contacting AT&T Internet Services. How may I help you?
    Hello, —– —– .
    Hello. I am having issues connecting to an Imageboard and the site staff has told me that AT&T has blocked it nationwide. Could you please remove any filtering restrictions. Thanks.
    I understand your concern and will be glad to assist you.
    I would like to inform you that AT&T hasn’t blocked that website.
    Oh, I was going off of reports such as this and I can’t access the server in question so I thought it was accurate.
    —– —–, this is to inform you that we are receiving similar complaints from other members also. AT&T members have issues accessing this web site and they are getting a message that AT&T is blocking this web site.However, please be informed that AT&T does not block any web sites for our members. This issue seems to be with the web site itself for the AT&T Internet connections.Therefore, I we would request you to contact the web site owner at the following contact details: Administrator, Chan ATTN: 4CHAN.ORG c/o Network Solutions P.O. Box 447 Herndon, VA20172-0447 Phone: 570-708-8780

  19. wow this is not going to end well, i can’t wait to see a good old internet hissy fit, that said if they win this one 4chan is going to get a seat at the un sooner or later.

    1. Don’t ask, pretend you never heard of it, and hug your family and tell them hom much you love them. It is a place of things you can’t un-see, and people you can’t un-meet.

      …lets just say, YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW!!!

  20. Get your war on. Good luck AT&T, I know you have some talent, but there’s a 125 tsunami heading your way.

  21. How Ironic I made a post on he’s wordpress blog Stating that he’s taking advantage of the situation and it gets REMOVED….

    Hypocrisy. Thy name is stormen.

    removed it twice.
    Go ahead remove this one too.
    I’ll have pictorial evidence.

  22. Good. I congratulate AT&T. Hopefully people will start committing suicide because they’re blocked from that asshole site. Nothing good ever came out of it.

  23. It’s because the site is a constant target of DDOS attacks that were routed through AT&T servers. AT&T blocked it because their bandwidth was spiraling out of control. Spread the word. It’s not about content, it’s about AT&T’s pocketbook

  24. The fact that they went after /b/ means they just went after some of the most talented non-payed hackers in the world, and i think they’ve found they’re next target

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  26. I’m a user of an ISP that uses the AT&T backbone. When I was first shown this article 30 or so minutes ago, I couldn’t reach the listed parts of 4chan. I now am able to. Seems like things may still be in motion, whatever’s going on.

  27. 4chan is a bunch of pubertal shitkids trying to be tough on the internet, i’m happy to see this happen.

  28. Maybe If they stopped posting kiddie porn, shit like this wouldn’t happen. It’s why i left.

    1. This isn’t the point. Its a direct violation of the first amendment to censor something like this. It doesn’t matter if its CP ridden or worse. Its a matter of constitutional right. But you’re probably a troll trying to provoke me, so you lost the game.

  29. The ‘direct to secretary’ number that everyone is posting is no longer in service. If The Consumerist updated their contact information as much as they posted stories about poor johnny bravo who didn’t get his double latte at Starbucks, their beloved EECB’s might actually work for once.

  30. I’m in San Leandro, located in the middle of AT&T’s biggest metropolitan in the Bay Area and I can confirm that it is blocked. I couldn’t access /b/ this morning at 12am.

  31. Do a search for ATT at and find some execs….”give” them the gift that keeps on giving….


  32. Calm the fuck down. There’s nothing you can do about it. Full control is in the hands of the people you’re trying to fight against, they will do whatever they want regardless. /b/ is going to be retarded as usual and do nothing but be an incendiary force that will act as evidence for ATT to say “Look at how good we are to ban these miscreants.” You’re only going to hurt yourselves and everyone trying to be tough guys over the internet, flooding their customer support or whatever it is you’re planning. Calm down and use intelligence and MAYBE something will get done.

    It’s a shame so many of you assholes remain ignorant to the blackness of the hearts of your governing bodies. Now the time has come for them to push their plans forward because their country is filled with idiots that ASK to be walked all over. If you still don’t believe that something is deeply wrong even after today, go ahead and keep laughing and eating your french fries. But when the time comes, you were warned.

    1. you retards realize there is NO real cp hardly ever on 4chan? Teen girls in bikini’s ISNT CP. you dumbshit lol omg.

      CP is kids in sex.

      Some 15 year old slut taking her top off and showing her puffys ISNT CP.

      Nudity isn’t CP you fucking retards.

  33. This is quite ridiculous. I don’t give a shit that it’s 4chan being blocked, but my lord, is this possibly the first internet sensoring? What horrid road is this going to lead us down for companies to decide what we should and should not be able to get access to?

    Internet, the last bastion of free speech across the world, is now being threatened with sensorship. And of course, providers are at the lead, not the people themselves.

  34. Just an fyi, ATT has now violated the common carrier law. If there are any attorneys out there, now is the time to sharpen your swords. This move by ATT very well could be the beginning of its death-knell in the most literal sense.

  35. System
    Connecting to server. Please wait…
    Connection with server established.
    Technical Support Topic: DSL High Speed Internet
    Mckenzie has joined this session!
    Connected with Mckenzie
    Thank you for contacting AT&T Internet Services. How may I help you?
    Are you guys having issues with people not getting websites?
    I can’t get to 4chan /b/
    but all other sites work
    I am sorry to see that your web site is not working and apologize for the inconvenience. However, I can certainly help you check that.
    its this exact website right here:
    , may I know the complete website you are not able to access?
    Thank you.
    Any ideas?
    All the other sites work
    I am sorry. It does not show any problem with the server from AT&T. It could be a problem from the web site itself.
    Not what these guy say….

  36. What some of you don’t realize, more specifically those saying “Good! 4chan is a horrible website, I support AT&T” is that it isn’t so much what they blocked, but the simple fact that they are censoring their customers. We pay to access all parts of the internet, not to be prevented from visiting certain areas, that alone is bullshit. This better be a temporary issue and not the beginning of a series of blocks initiated by AT&T or I can only begin to imagine what will arise.

  37. And it’s not about 4chan being a crude “kiddie porn” site. 4chan’s own rules prohibit child pornography and other things. At the worst, concerning content, it’s another adult website.

    It’s been targeted because it’s a community of absolute free speech. It’s a community that can be connected to instantly and spans across the nation and beyond with hundreds of thousands of participants. It’s the god of all forums. While some online communities have strict rules that prohibit any sort of activity that might actually stimulate your brain, 4chan promotes the opposite. Anyone can go and post any sort of comment on any topic they desire. This sort of communication and information-exchange is exactly what Uncle Sam doesn’t want you to have.

  38. I do not fear the people who can break internet doors down. I only fear the ones who put them up in the first place. I am not surprised at AT&Ts actions they have contracts and bed fellows to think of.

  39. Under the FCC’s Comcast/BitTorrent ruling, Internet Service Providers may only slow or cap connection speeds. They are not allowed to block any service or protocol on the internet. Here, 4chan as a web site appears to fall under an internet service, but it is also conforming to standard web page protocols. It appears AT&T does not have the legal right to block 4chan, only to cap customers who are “abusing” their access to the internet.

  40. At&t ive been having more and more problems with them lately i have no idea what there doing but its making me want to change providers more

  41. Child Pornography is the guise under which this attack operates. You people really need to wake up.

    If you can lie to your girlfriend or mother or whomever, then why can’t corporations with unfathomable amounts of money and power create their own enormous lies? Some of you are gonna rage at this comment and think ATT is even at least partly good for trying to stop “child pornography”. That is until Yahoo and MSN start monitoring your emails. Remember PIFTS.exe? Here’s a startling idea: It’s really THAT easy for a company like Norton to put shit on your computer. But you won’t know next time because it will be signed and won’t be caught. You won’t believe that a company that makes such software would do that, and that’s exactly the point. It’s called “anti-virus software” but is that the truth, or a lie?

    1. Oh lol. Child pornography? I am guessing you are talking about Lolicon? Lolicon doesn’t hurt real children, so why would you block it and cause people to look elsewhere?? There are worst sites out there that need to be blocked more then 4chan. I think you are the one that needs to wake up… Truth my ass.

  42. AT&T can choose what content they want to provide or not. THey own the service not [b] or me or anyone else. Just like they could make us pay extra for services they can block services. No one is stopping [b] from creating its own wireless netwrok if they want. What is more l337, a few pointless spammings and pizza deliveries, or creating an epic media empire. WHy go:


    When you can go:


    If good ‘ol 4chan is really all that powerful I bet they could do it in a week. THey wouldn’t need to raid or anything anymore, they could just ignore their enemies. You know, take the high road. Be more than just web terrorists. THey could be REVOLUTIONARIES.

    BTW AT&T is probably screwed.

    1. As it’s already been mentioned, the outcome of the Comcast BitTorrent blocking was that no private company can restrict access to public information via protocols and websites. This is what happens when AT&T’s CCIE’s spend all their time learning how to use Cisco IOS and not learning what they can and cannot do with it.

  43. This is worse than when comcast got sued for slowing down torrents. I think the FCC will be stepping in once again.

  44. AT&T is trying to take on the most legendary and massive internet communities on the web. 4chan is 98% of everything else on the internet (besides pr0n), it is bigger than AT&T, it is the Matrix itself (LOL). But seriously, AT&T is asking for more trouble than it can handle.

  45. I don’t really care that they blocked parts of 4chan, I care that they blocked anything at all. This is absolutely ridiculous and I hope there’s enough of a backlash via people complaining and canceling service that AT&T and other ISPs get the message now that people will not tolerate being told what they can and cannot view. Otherwise we’re all going to be screwed when they and other ISPs decide to block all their competitors.

  46. I understand the TOS argument, and I have a question. If it is working for wired connections in Florida and Kansas, is it possible that the law in those states is such that AT&T is not allowed to perform this action there? If that is the case, I would love to know what that stipulation is so that we can get it installed in other states/nationwide.

  47. 4chan is very good about taking off all forms of “Child Pornography”. Since 4chan is a message board that can post whatever they want to of course there isn’t going to be an immediate response to stuff. You would thing that business like AT&T would understand that but I guess not. Also, since when did an internet provider give a shit about what its costumers were looking at as long as they paid? I understand child pornography is very wrong but let the idiots that look at it take responsibility for there actions. They do not need a Mom to look over them.

  48. Relevant Congressional Committees

    The US Senate Subcommittee for Communications, Technology and Internet would be the relevant crew to start complaining to for everyone in the United States. Their website is at

    The US House of Representatives also has a similar committee, located at this website

    Anyone who is represented by a member of these committees should at least call or e-mail their congressional representative. Even better if you physically show up at his or her office in your district during their public grievance hours. Anyone who is not represented by these Congressmen can still spam their own representatives.

  49. Think about it, if 4chan dies, where do you think these people will go? they aren’t just going to disappear, it will spread to everywhere else on the internet.

  50. I can still see /b/ and /r9k/. and i do have AT&T internet and phone. so i’m not believing this post

  51. It’s a good thing they picked 4chan first.. because 4chan will show them how much of a mistake their making.

    You don’t fuck with anon. =D

  52. Hey, all of you anonymous people that are fighting for 4chan should fight for something better… Like legalizing pot. Thats more worthwhile than a website ;) Not just for recreational use… HEMP.

    1. No, you stoner faggot, its about our rights, not some faggy drug, shut the fuck up, and go make more stupid ideas elsewhere.

    2. if they can get away with blocking 4chan, whats to stop them from blocking any other website they don’t agree with?

  53. I do believe this is really about money: ATT has long wanted to charge different rates for different “classes” of service. I believe they’ve long wanted to charge more to Google for Google’s access to the Internet… but they didn’t get away with that as far as I know; Net Neutrality stood.

    Now I believe they want to offer access to everything if we pay more. A *bottom tier* of service doesn’t get it all, pay more and you can have it.

    Brave New World: Free speech will cost you a premium access rate. Get 80% of the public paying bottom tier and true free speech is SCOTCHED.

    By picking a target which some folks may have serious disdain for, ATT has been quite clever — there will be LOTS of knee-jerk defenders of ATT by those who see this as a ‘protection’ issue rather than a free speech issue.

    But I don’t believe in having to pay more for free speech. How ever this turns out, HAVING TO PAY MORE to hear all speech is, to me, UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    Next goes POLITICAL SPEECH. Pay more or you won’t get it in the ‘basic tier’.


  54. This is absolutely a disgusting move by AT&T. What right do they have to pick which websites are viewable and which are not? And to the guy who mentioned pot, this is completely different and worthwhile. This is not about some stupid plant that makes you feel “better”. This is about the rights we have to freedom of speech and the like.

  55. Just tried on my iPhone 3gs (both WiFi and 3g network) and the random (/b/) board doesn’t even load in Safari browser.

    Basically, once I click the link to the /b/ board, my phone background light dims, and the only way to go to another website is by click the back button to go to the previous page. I’ve tested it for other boards and they seem to be working just fine. (no dimming/browser locking-up)

    Just letting you know. =

  56. The hilariousness of fools who believe anonymous has ethics and morals. Nothing is safe. Noone is safe.

  57. Correction: It’s now working after resetting my browser settings and restarting the phone. Sorry for the misinformation.

  58. Update…

    After conversations with network techs I know at several other corporations, two were able to confirm very similar traffic patterns. Rather than speculating about whether one side or the other is spoofing, we have conferred and come to the conclusion that 4chan continues to be hit by a DDoS attack themselves, but they continue to allow their servers to respond to the bad traffic.

    To test, we have put outgoing blocks on 4chan’s IP address(es) and have seen the traffic continue uninterrupted. So, instead of speculating about it, we have tested and determined that spoofed IP addresses are being used to DDoS 4chan, and that 4chan is not doing a thing to filter or throttle the responses FROM their systems. It’s always port 80 coming from 4chan and various destination ports.

    All they really have to do is to put throttles in connection rates to start and it will ease things up quite a lot. If they aren’t working with their ISP, or their ISP refuses to help, well then why should the rest of the Internet suffer? AT&T is probably being subjected to a large amount of that return traffic.

    HOWEVER… anyone care to speculate on the possibility that AT&T is trying to STOP the DDoS against 4chan, knowing what some of us have been able to deduce with relative certainty? Hell no, that would mean that 4chan can’t pitch their little fit and have valid justification. If I were in AT&T’s position, and determined that a sizeable botnet was throwing scads of data at 4chan, the very first thing I would do is shutdown network-wide access to 4chan until I could discover a way to effectively filter the bad traffic without affecting everyone else. How badly would AT&T get beat up if they knew they were the source of a lot of botnet traffic and refused to do anything about it? I’m no AT&T fan, believe me (I refuse to use them if at all possible), but I also take a technologist approach to these things before I scream politics and civil rights. It might also explain why some AT&T users can still access the server and others still cannot — because they’ve isolated it down to portions of their network.

    So again, common sense gets you a long way, and a bit of leg work takes one the rest of the way.

    1. so they shut down access to the site from the entire nation?

      ddos attacks happen to many, many websites. so why is it just 4chan being blocked?

      1. It’s likely not that 4chan is being blocked per se. It’s probably that the DDoS is so broad and coming FROM many AT&T customers that are part of a large botnet that they’ve had no alternative but to block all traffic to the affected host until they can more granularly filter just that botnet traffic. It’s not just AT&T that is participating in the DDoS, but they are the only one that seems to have chosen to do something about it. Make no mistake, it’s self-serving in that they want to ease the load on their own network. They don’t give a rip about 4chan, but nor would they give a rip if it were Slashdot being hammered.

        They want to clean up the mess on their network as best they can and the immediate way to improve that is to block 4chan, at least temporarily. I’d be surprised if the block didn’t come down within a day or two after putting some additional filters in place. It would have to be significantly affecting performance for a large number of paying customers to take such a step, I assure you. The obvious PR hit has to be taken into account.

        The only other explanation for them to seek a block is by way of a court order, and there is no way that happened because it’s not all of 4chan that is blocked, it’s not affecting 100% of AT&T and if it were a legal measure, every other US provider would also be affected, so you can put that to rest right now. If AT&T were going on a moral mission, they’d sooner go after their competitors because that has a financial benefit. Comcast went to the protocol level and lost huge. Do you seriously think AT&T wants to take it to the next level and start blocking based on content?! No way… they aren’t a brilliantly run company, but they have a whole fleet of lawyers that would balk at that one long before the geeks ever got involved.

    2. then they need to report it to the FBI because it is an actual crime, it isn’t their job to become vigilantes.

  59. gentlman and ladies….get your rape faces on and prepare for battle all those who stand against 4chan shale be destoryed lolz

  60. “Hate Bill” Favoritism

    If “hate bill”-obsessed Congress can’t protect Christians from “gays” as much as it wants to protect “gays” from Christians, will Congress be surprised if it can’t protect itself from most everyone? If “hate bills” are forced on captive Americans, they’ll still find ways to sneakily continue to “plant” Biblical messages everywhere. By doing so they’ll hasten God’s judgment on their oppressors as revealed in Proverbs 19:1. (See related web items including “David Letterman’s Hate, Etc.,” “Separation of Raunch and State,” “Michael the Narc-Angel,” and “Obama Avoids Bible Verses.”) Since Congress can’t seem to legislate “morality,” it’s making up for it by legislating “immorality”!

  61. Hmm, I don’t really see how anyone could think 4chan has the upper hand in this situation… AT&T is a huge multi-million dollar corporation with access to the best lawyers, computer technicians, etc and they have the budget to make sure that there aren’t any random kids from the internet fucking around with them. IMO it would be far better to view the issue from the censorship/rights/net neutrality point of view, as opposed to making petty threats that will probably go nowhere. In terms of censorship, this is a serious breach of normal conduct. No need to be a bunch of retards and prove them correct.

    1. AT&T may have the best lawyers, and technicians and billions of dollars… but 4chan has the most powerful weapon of all behind them… the lulz.

      Never underestimate, the power of the lulz.

      It costs a bank billions of dollars to set up infrastructure and defense nets, it only takes one bored hacker to rip them apart.

      AT&T just sprayed the hornets nest with the hose, and that is not going to end well for anyone. 4Chan & AT&T are both going to loose big.

  62. from the last posts like

    “4chan is going to tear out their assholes.”

    it really makes you see that the site is based for 14yr olds been keyboard warriors.

    none of them will goto there parents and say mum we need to change net providers cause 4chan is block. yet i bet they would never explain to their parents what 4chan is for the change.

  63. Cancel AT&T if you want /b/. I have comcast so no problems here. The only thing I see wrong is that we wouldn’t have any new anons from AT&T… That would suck…

  64. Just a quick precautionary note that the FEMA NLE starts today – with objectives including:

    Intelligence/Information Sharing and Dissemination
    Counter-Terrorism Investigation and Law Enforcement
    Air, Border and Maritime Security
    Critical Infrastructure Protection
    Public and Private Sector Alert/Notification and Security Advisories

    So, if you trust AT&T as much as you trust the gov’t, or vice versa – just be careful.

  65. It’s no different on what Apple is doing with their iPhone. Half of the websites I need uses flash and Apple refuses to put flash on their iPhones.

  66. Im only 12 but AT&T should have been grown ups about this and should have given a warning ahead of time even if it was only a few hours so The Legion would not flip **** and act like this. I in no way agree with this ban being a /b/tard myself. I think AT&T should have contacted m00t before the ban and if they did (and i dont think they did) m00t should have warned us. I hope this blows over soon.

    On a sad note you do realize that bringing this page to the #1 DIGG will bring a ****load of newfags to the site if and when it is back…

    In before internet-splosion and… uh… YOU LOST THE GAME

  67. Oh my god. AT&T is infringing on net neutrality. I don’t care in any way about freedom, I’m actually a totalitarian politically, but attacking the internet!?!? This can not be tolerated. AT&T I hate you.

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  69. AT&T has fired the first shot. We have been attacked. We shall grow stronger. We shall fight. And we shall win, for we are everywhere.

    AT&T knows not what they have unleashed, for this is only the calm before the storm…

    1. Ridiculous, she is CLEARLY saying “sure” to the “one last question” request….idiot.

  70. AT&T. Layer 6-8 needed.
    Shon Elliott shon at
    Mon Jul 27 03:05:32 UTC 2009

    * Previous message: AT&T. Layer 6-8 needed.
    * Next message: AT&T. Layer 6-8 needed.
    * Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ]

    There has been alot of customers on our network who were complaining about ACK
    scan reports coming from We had no choice but to block that
    single IP until the attacks let up. It was a decision I made with the gentleman
    that owns the colo facility currently hosts 4chan. There was no other way around
    it. I’m sure AT&T is probably blocking it for the same reason. 4chan has been
    under attack for over 3 weeks, the attacks filling up an entire GigE. If you
    want to blame anyone, blame the script kiddies who pull this kind of stunt.

    Shon Elliott
    Senior Network Engineer
    unWired Broadband, Inc.

    at&t and these unWired dudes are blocking 4chan because 4chan is getting ddosed massively with spoofed IPs and they havent stopped their servers from responding to the fake IPs, clogging up AT&T’s network. as soon as the ddos ends or 4chan fixes the problem access will likely be restored, this isn’t a test case for net neutrality that needs political action first


  72. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive, we not forget. We are everywhere and we are nowhere. We are weak and we are invincible. We are devoid of humanity, morality, pity, and mercy. We work as one, because none of us are as cruel as all of us. We will pwn you. We are not your personal army. We laugh at those who suffer. We laugh at WTC and holocaust. For every one of us that falls, more rise. We do not forgive, we not not forget.

  73. I just started with AT&T last month after moving into my first real house. It sucks to have to switch ISP’s so early, but there really isn’t any choice. If AT&T is willing to take it upon itself to censor the internet for its users, I will find someone that won’t. This company has shown nothing but pure contempt for it’s customers, making their claims about caring all the more hypocritical. Individuals have been lied to by CSRs and their suppervisors as to the nature of the blockage (they claimed it was 4chan’s fault). The public has been lied to about AT&T contacting Moot/4chan (They haven’t). This is an utter disgrace. If I wanted to have my internet censored I’d move to Tehran. I hope Randall Stephenson is enjoying desecrating the 1st amendment while it lasts. Sooner or later this WILL affect the bottom line.

  74. I think AT&T is going to rape the shit out of 4chan. Really, 4chan couldn’t even take down scientology and scientology is nowhere near as big as AT&T which has monetary resources beyond that of all of 4chan. Also, 4chan has become a shithole filled with people who can’t even get past basic blocks in their school systems. If they can’t even do that, what makes all you people think that they can take out AT&T. Fuck anonymous and /b/ and all those new/old fags. It’s just ONE website amongst millions. Why is it such a big deal? one more thing, what’s with people talking like this: we are anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, etc everyone is speaking in fucking third person singular and plural…it’s retarded and should be stopped. Internet talk is idiotic and ineffective/for the simple minded.

    1. scientology didn’t fuck with anonymous as a whole, it was just a small group who were bored and wanted something to do.

  75. how about they ban real hate machines, like AT & T are nazis, you heard it here first!

  76. I’m located in northern FL and it’s not working for me.
    I’m not a user of the site, but it angers me because things start like this. Next thing you know they’ll be blocking sites I actually use and that won’t work for me. If they continue to block websites I will start searching for a new service provider, plain and simple.

  77. I believe this is being blocked in Canada as well, can anyone using Shaw internet service confirm as well(Am located in Edmonton, AB)

  78. another challenge presents itself. First scientology and now at&t looks like its time for another raid someone call foxnews

  79. I bet they’re going to block the whole site now. Then what? 4chan will have to go through legal channels to fix this, and well… attacking AT&T doesn’t exactly help their case.

  80. I’m with Time Warner and I can’t get to 4chan at all. It looks like it really is being DDOS’ed.

  81. lol these internet warriors. Good im happy 4chan is banned bunch of fckin losers imo..

    I heard these Anonymous dipshit send a dead picture of someones daugther to their house.. Wow.. who does this shit? Their like the type of ppl u would see on the streets and say wtf.. just cause how weird they are.. or like that kid in Highschool everyone thinks hes weird as fuck cause they have low-self esteem issuses and cant cope with real life situation so they go home and take it out on the internet haha.

    Anyways losers like you should end your life would make the world a better place.

    btw Why is it most ppl i meet irl are nice but i never met loser fucks like you? Talking mad shit online and thinking they hard? oh wait cause ur hiding behind ur pc ahahahha.

    1. Why is it that most people you meet are nice?

      Because we are those people. Anonymous is the people all around you. You’re just too stupid and blind to notice or see.

  82. The S.O. Empire & Petrie Land support the Legion.

    We shall send our prototype 120 AA guns and 375 Havoc Helicopters at once.

    Also Jimland is providing Recon on the North Sectors.

    Good News? The S.O. Empire has COMPLETED it’s 3 1/2 month groundbreaking new AICBM. Codnamed after the WW2 freefall Nuke, the Fatboy. This new Fatboy is a AICBM, and can penerate up to 2,000 Miles of Concrete. The AICBM Is half the size of Seattle itself. And Contains enough Uranium to fill up one of the Great Lakes.

    The Launch isn’t 100% Ready yet….Expected launch will be August 25th.

  83. Our new AICBM is going to hit the source of AT&T’s power.

    We have only one shot at this type of Nuclear Attack….however our analysis presents us with a 97-98% Sucess rate.

  84. I, Kurt Cobain….Former lead singer of the early 90′s Grunge band ‘Nirvana’ have risen from the dead to support this fight.

  85. You do realize this missle is half the size of Seattle itself? Even if you ‘intercept’ it over your airspace….you will release 3,476 times more contamination than Chernobyl?

    Good Luck with your Interception, fools.

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    I even used the dreamcast browser on 56k to watch porn.

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  89. I act like a 16 year old girl on the internet….I’ve been doing this for years. Even made deep friendships with guys/girls online. Funny thing is, a few HOT ones have done alot of things on cam for me, yet all they ever see is bullshit pics which clearly isn’t me. People are fucking retards. I even record all the camshows that only I have seen. And I won’t share them.

    Soon as they ask to see my cam. I tell them I’m getting one in a month, milk the current girl I have…Break her heart and find a new one.

    Except I never told anyone I’m really a guy, I just claim I have rl family issues.

    I’m possibly one of the most fucked up fake lesbians ever on the internet.

    I even got several of them to break up with their own boyfriend’s for me….LOL?

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  91. And my ideal woman would be a petite girl with a small 4-5 inch penis. omg. I would suck her girl cock 3 times a fucking day.

  92. 4chan unavailable from Telstra Cable Internet in Australia. Times out.

    VodafoneAU Mobile Internet loads the site very, very slowly.

  93. I think what people are forgetting is that AT&T invented the internet. They created and control it. AT&T is also very much in bed with the government. More than any other telecommunications company in the world, they have the power to do whatever they want and get away with it. Although I do believe that AT&T has underestimated the power of 4chan, it would be unwise to think that AT&T can be taken down as easily as Microsoft. They are a lot more powerful than they appear and people should take a good look into the company’s history before taking action. Unfortunately things are not so simple this time. I hope that 4chan is able to defeat this and continue on as it is.

      1. I never said AT&T was a God. Btw, you should look up the definition of retard. It makes you look incompetent if you use words you don’t know the meaning of.

  94. americans never care about what is really going on or important. The people that mostly complain here and find it is only because some site said it was a big deal or popular. Most sites usa people go to do not have real news, videos that are for real and things of truth. So they block sites in other parts of the world to respect stole copyrights of musicians and artists ect.
    In some places they ban porn that is of the sick and illegal types. Many things you search on usa google you find opposite from other parts of the world searching. Not just changing the search site to another country search but have to be in that other part of the world. Hell places banned tons of art pages and did not let them list in searches for about 7 years on the body painter at art pages. wtf is the big deal on the ban from just at n to to what i see as a very useless site but, hell that just boosted their ranks eh on this. good marketing idea peps.

    1. I think the point is more that not all areas of the states can choose which internet provider they use and AT&T is the largest in the country. If AT&T is allowed to do this other companies will quickly follow suit and the internet will be censored. It is one thing to have the consumer choose which sites to censor from their own computers and another to have a company involuntarily do it for the consumer. That is where the problem lies.

  95. Unfortunately you have been living under a rock for the past few years. 4chan might not have as much clout with legitimate society as AT&T does but what it does have is an enormous amount of adolescent to middle aged extremely computer savvy users that relish their “Interwebs freedom.”

    1. This coming from a retard named aleksandrbelyev.

      Wtf is that supposed to even mean? You some kind of U.S.S.R. Russkie?



  96. Im on at%t and my b has been gone for a few days but just now i actually got on b, it was super slow but i did get on it.. ths is in Oklahoma fyi time was as per this message.

      1. i shouldn’t have said “my b” i don’t really go there that often i just saw the “news” and thought id comment on it since I’m in OK and its working for me.

  97. Oh im not denying it lol, I’m just saying its been so crap lately its not even worth bothering going as such i haven’t been there much at all past year.

    I fap just like you but I’ve gone to bigger and better things :p

  98. i mean damn, you’re name is fucking Johan…..I don’t mean this is a too bad of a way. But I picture you as some slightly chubby babyfaced bible thumping faggot.

  99. O/b/ama says,
    “Thank you to the rock of my life, Michelle Obama.

    Thank you to Malia and Sasha Obama, who haven’t seen their daddy in a week.

    Thank you to Pete Skidmore for his outstanding service to our country and being such a great supporter of this campaign.

    We are here tonight to say that that is not the America we believe in.

    The change we seek has always required great struggle and great sacrifice. And so this is a /b/attle in our own hearts and minds about what kind of country we want and how hard we’re willing to work for it.

    So let me remind you tonight that change will not be easy. Change will take time. There will be setbacks and false starts and sometimes we’ll make mistakes.

    But as hard as it may seem, we cannot lose hope, because there are people all across this great nation who are counting on us, who can’t afford another four years without CP, that can’t afford another four years without lolz, that can’t afford another four years without destroying newfags because our leaders couldn’t come together and get it done.

    Don’t tell me we can’t change.

    Yes, we can. Yes, we can change. Yes, we can fuck AT&T.”

  100. lol :/ that wasn’t even nearly close. I’m from Sweden the land of religious freedom! And I chose not to take part in it. And Johan is common where I come from :D

  101. Pingback: Twitted by meowN
  102. This will not stand. We will fight tooth and nail for our LOLcats, RickRolls, and all the other brainless retarded crap we hold dear to our hearts.

  103. America stand for freedom speech and the rights of free will. You take away one website whether it be small or large for no real reason then that is going against everything that we stand for, and if anyone has something to say; this is it. Take one and you start something that becomes way bigger and out of proportion then you have ever seen. This is war and it has begun; it was only a matter or time before they attacked and we will show them that we are not something to be reckoned with my brothers.

  104. We will fight this injustice, and nothing will stand in our…

    … the hell? My mom must have moved my V for Vendetta mask when she was cleaning my room. Now I can’t fight injustice on the interwebs!

    Stupid mom. Stay out of my ROOM! >:(

  105. Wow this really is something if I remember correctly we pay the people like AT&T , Cox , Comcast, and ect for there bandwidth not them censoring stupid shit like this btw gaming community if any is interested check it out :D

  106. Pingback: AT&T vs. 4chan
  107. wat.

    If you pay for the service, that’s a choice, and, if listed in the TOS, do have every right to block it.
    While it’s totally amoral and WRONG to do so, 4chan may not have much ground here. Granted, if enough people bitch AT&T will repeal the block, which I’ve heard has already happened anyway.

    tl;dr LOL WUT

  108. hi…mr andersen, im from indonesia, i want to ask which country at&t do you work for? im interested about this company? thanks….

  109. I think AT&T is biting off a huge shitstorm.

    It would be nice if every single Anon canceled their AT&T phone and ISP. AT&T would reverse their stance for sure.

    I don’t think they will lose enough customers over this for their stocks to take a hit.

  110. This entire comment section is pretty embarassing.

    /b/, /r9k/, and just to top it off, ED praising?

    easy to tell who the fuck knows what they’re talking about

    let me give you a hint: pretty much nobody on this page

  111. It was only a matter of time before this started happening, now the question is where will it end???

  112. Seriously call AT&T CEO and overwhelm them with their stupid business practices. Straight from

    Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO (direct)
    phone: 210-351-5401 (direct to his secretary)
    fax 210-351-3553
    alternate phone: 210-821-4105 (headquarters, press 3, ask for Mr. Stephenson’s office)
    175 E. Houston
    San Antonio, TX 78205

  113. So… here’s a question or…

    You buy a house with a yard. In that yard are a few trees, a light pole and a shed. Someone comes along and tacks up a “God is love” sign on your light pole. Your neighbor comes over and tacks up a garage sale sign. Another neighbor tacks up an advertisement for losing weight. After a week, you come home from a long working day, decide that you are quite tired of your yard looking like a home for wayward signs and you remove all of them from YOUR lightpole (the one you pay for each month that resides on your property).

    How many people have you just ticked off because you decided to take a specific action?

    Answer: The entire US for attacking someone else’s first ammendment right to free speech; not to mention the religious aspect that could be implied for taking down a religious sign. And let’s not forget the whole discriminatory implication that will begin as soon as the offended have an opportunity to create that sort of spin on something so simple as your desire for a less cluttered light pole.

    Relax people. Sometimes an action is ONLY with a set target in mind and not some global terroristic threat behind it. Maybe AT&T was just tired of receiving the mass complaints by the people who were made fun of or “attacked” by 4chan and they were trying to rid the headache.

    I hardly think shutting 4chan down is a slam against free speech. I don’t think any group who makes light of child molestation, rape, murder or the mentally inept is what my brothers, my family and myself (serving in each branch of the military) have been fighting for in keeping free speech free…

    1. You claim to fight for freedom of speech yet are blind to see it in action.

      “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.

      1. I don’t have to agree with what anyone says. The fact that they can say it is all I fight for and all my family is fighting for. But, when what you say affects my rights… that’s where there is a problem. Let’s face it; 4chan is famous for saying things that could make a porn star blush and be offended. Considering that 4chan is famous in making light of suffering of others is just one more tumor in our already cancerous society.

        And btw smartass, I didn’t say their right to say it wasn’t what we had been fighting for. I said the GROUP wasn’t. But, when you, your child or your home have been attacked in some way or another or a woman or girl you know has been tortured in some part or a child you love has been inhumanely delivered to the depths of hellish torment at the hands of another…. let’s see you read the /b/ boards and how they joke and revere child molesters, rapists, murderers and the like and then let’s see you be real quick about them being your “proudest free speech” product in our society.

        Just because I think they are a vast array of unfeeling, heartless juveniles with nothing better to do than create chaos in the lives of others doesn’t mean they don’t serve a purpose… They DID, afterall, create havoc for Scientology (which is always fun). But just because I agreed with that action doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything they do.

        AT&T was stupid to attempt this action and I’m certain they will feel the reprocussions of such an action. But, why is everyone responsible for their actions except 4chan? In every group, charter, workplace, family or society there are boundaries and rules and limits… but… from what I’ve seen with 4chan there are none until someone else outside of 4chan steps just over their line.

        Who’s to say that the /b/ crew, who so quick to judge when others are blind sheep, aren’t actually the sheep?

        Either way? It’s going to be interesting to see what happens going forward.

    2. First of all, that’s a terrible analogy. An appropriate analogue would have your homeowner as customer, not service provider. Anyone can set up parental controls on their own computer, or simply avoid directing their browsers to untoward webpages, and no one will ever accuse them of tampering with free speech. This is the same as your analogy, ATT shutting off part of the internet is a totally different thing.

      Also, what does it mean to “keep free speech free,” and how does the military do this? Besides potentially deterring hostile governments from taking over our country and limiting our rights, the armed forces tend to have little to do with protecting personal liberties. The fight for free speech is a national one, fought within our own borders.

      1. “Also, what does it mean to “keep free speech free,” and how does the military do this? ”

        Even the fact that you would ask such a question shows you to be of an uninformed nature.
        Educate yourself with exactly what the military has done for you lately.
        If you don’t like my analogy, feel free to set up a new parental control.

    3. “I hardly think shutting 4chan down is a slam against free speech. I don’t think any group who makes light of child molestation, rape, murder or the mentally inept is what my brothers, my family and myself (serving in each branch of the military) have been fighting for in keeping free speech free…”
      Well said. If this was a website with any redeeming qualities whatsoever (I don’t think “lulz” qualify, or cp, for that matter), it would be a different story.

    4. Once again, you fail to understand what your fighting for. Explain how what /b/ says ‘effects your rights’. Oh wait, it doesn’t.

      I would also like to take this time to point out that many of the topics of 4chans lawls have to do with you militarytards abusing your powers and trying to get away with it. You blame us for loling at rape yet it’s your own army /b/rethren that are giving us the material. Because you know, there hasn’t been a single story of an American soldier raping a civilian. Not once. Ever.


  114. You can totally have the throne these bitches have never delivered. It’s ok, I killed their ponies. So we’re even.

    But freaking AT&T actually made me type out your URL to get me OFF teh phone.

    Just wanted you to realize that.

  115. Bullying…even though hating 99.999% of what the www spews up, suppressing freedom of speech is so retarded. Burning books is so last year.

  116. “The difference between 4Chan and Youtube is that Youtube takes down child porn. 4Chan almost seems to encourage it. AT&T lawyers might be able to figure it out.”

    CP is against the rules on 4chan, and a permaban.

  117. I also want to know what, exactly, AT&T has to gain by blocking 4chan? Net neutrality was always about ISPs wanting to wring more profit out of their networks, not moral censorship.

    But don’t let me stop you from attaching yourself to the latest and greatest cause of the week.

  118. I lol’d at this entire thing.
    And they back down, hilarious.

    Also, to all moralfags: Shut the fuck up. We don’t do this to enlighten or free you, we do this for one sole thing: lulz.

  119. Pingback: AT&T Blocks 4chan
  120. No 4chan??? Bad enough they cancelled Lulzcon. How oh HOW will I fill the gaps in time… between tossing one off in my mum’s basement to Photoshopped nudie Hermiane pix, torrenting 320×240 mono movies to play on my G1 (open source!!!! Take THAT, Apple!!!!), trolling MySpace for LULZ, blaming Jews for all of my problems, texting my (all male) friends, posting clever, all-caps rants on YouTube, applying Clearasil and Stridex until my skin peels, knowing that I’m smarter than everyone else while tweaking my Ubuntu desktop, entering Starbucks gift cards into my MCR, spelling “teh” as if it’s still funny, using “it’s” with an apostrophe universally, trying to figure out how to be even more homophobic than I already am, thinking that there were anarchist, founding fathers of the internet whose vision of the easy exchange of information extends to my own unbridled mental masturbation and whose intent must be fought for in the name of democracy getting free shit, pimping up my Second Life avatar’s clothes, pretending that I have some kind of constitutional right to access and distribute any information I may pry out of the hands of others and that it’s their problem to figure out how to stop me, and otherwise sucking off the teet of civilization while wishing it would all crash and burn so that I would finally feel like an equal to the millions of people who have actual lives???? Or like I always ask myself when I don’t have my PWN ideas (like, uh, most of the time), What Would Weev Do?

  121. Just got off the phone with a Miss Cox in the executive office; I asked in the block was true and she told me it was. I expressed my concern and she said she would relay the message up the chain.

    This info is current as of 3:02 PM EST.

  122. AT&T are a provider of the means to view the net, they are not a censorship board, or are not entitled to pull sites, well not morally anyway.

  123. Take a look at the ammount or responses recieved, let that be the yardstick of importance in this topic. 4chan may be hated, but it abides by the constitution, and therefore is a sanctuary for the crewl and unusual. The unignorable fact of the matter here is that out of this legion of hate and despise something great has arrisen, something that should be feared by someone trying to infringe on personal rights. Where does treason stop and revolution begin, here it begins with 4chan, and after deep speculation it could possibly end with 4chan. The problem is that 4chan is an internet super power so to say. ATT is also a large power, but im speculating that 4chan had large enough consequences to make it its own power. So we saw a quick retreat on that battleground, but ask yourself what if they excersize this power on another place on the interent. Whos responsibility is it to shine light on that lanslide of infringement. Although some of your opinions may be negative reguarding 4chan, be thankfull that this melting pot for malice and brutal disreguard for certain individual virtues is so popular or the eye of transparency might have never opened in the first place. remember remember the 5th of november.


    4chan redirected traffic to some AT&T customers and the attack was a SYN flood and AT&T was just protecting its network and users.

    For the past three weeks, 4chan has been under a constant DDoS attack. We were able to filter this specific type of attack in a fashion that was more or less transparent to the end user.

    Unfortunately, as an unintended consequence of the method used, some Internet users received errant traffic from one of our network switches. A handful happened to be AT&T customers.

    In response, AT&T filtered all traffic to and from our IPs (which serve /b/ & /r9k/) for their entire network, instead of only the affected customers. AT&T did not contact us prior to implementing the block. Here is their statement regarding the matter.

    In the end, this wasn’t a sinister act of censorship, but rather a bit of a mistake and a poorly executed, disproportionate response on AT&T’s part. Whoever pulled the trigger on blackholing the site probably didn’t anticipate [nor intend] the consequences of doing so.

  125. And once again, it NEVER fails with the incessant lying, as lying is a way of life for these hacker creeps. I salute AT&T for blocking viruses, trojans and nasty spider scripts, as that is what the REAL truth is as to WHY AT&T has flashed the middle finger [blocked] to 4 Chan. Why should AT&T waste time and energy in dealing with viruses, trojans and uncontrollable script programs emanating from the 4 Chan site?

    I don’t condone censorship and I certainly don’t condone lies “in the name of lulz”. The only thing 4 Chan has proven again and again, is that they are infantile and violent. A bunch of two year olds who go on tirades. And just like an out of control two year old, they need some REAL hard slaps from the school of hard knocks.

    Any consequences or denial of internet access to AT&T customers due to NAZI actions emanating from 4 Chan [or any other hacker creeps for that matter], I pray that they are caught, rounded up, prosecuted beyond the extent of the law, thrown in a windowless cell and locked up forever until the day they die.

    I commend AT&T for taking the step forward and I sincerely hope that other ISP’S follow suit ASAP. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Hackers cause destruction, chaos, waste everyones time and energy. Normal people on the net are SICK AND TIRED of these two year old tantrum antics that 4 Chan displays on a daily basis. These hacker creeps really and truly need to GROW THE F*** UP.

    1. You make the mistake of using a very broad term on a very small population. Not all hackers are malicious hackers. Perhaps you should look up the true meaning of the word.

      Also, you say you don’t condone censorship and yet that is exactly why you say you commend AT&T – for blocking these “hacker creeps.”

      Voltaire said it best: “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to the death, your right to say it.”

      You don’t have the right to destroy and censor anything that offends your sensibilities. Thank goodness.

  126. malam-malam berkunjung dan bertemu dengan blog bagus…
    memang manusia yang sadar akan kekurangan dirinya pasti akan mencari postingan ini sebagai bahan perenungan untuk meningkatkan kecerdasan alamiahnya

  127. So how do we work to stop things like this? What comes to mind is first to boycott anything to deal with at&t. What else is an option at&t an company’s similar have way to much control now.

  128. I hate how there’s so many people here commenting that someone is a “dumbass” or a “fag” cus they don’t share the same opinion. Yes, some people here may be a dumbass but there’s no need to leave a one word reply. That’s just spam. I’ve never visited until a minute ago and it pisses me off that some of humanity can be selfish enough to not care what the corps do ‘cus it’s not affecting their favourite website. Grow up, give a fuck and show support before our internet gets turned into a cable station! ( That, or don’t comment with your ignorant one word replies.. go elsewhere )

  129. Censorship is everywhere:
    go to the supermarket and they only carry what THEY want
    to sell you.
    go to the bookstore and they only carry what THEY want.
    go to the worlds largest retailer (Walmart) and they only carry what they want.

  130. For those of you who do not bother to follow up on this, please be informed that this is a non issue and no censorship was involved, rather a lack of communication. 4chan had been under Ddos attack, and their efforts to combat it had unwanted results. Here is part of their statement:

    Unfortunately, as an unintended consequence of the method used, some Internet users received errant traffic from one of our network switches. A handful happened to be AT&T customers.

    In response, AT&T filtered all traffic to and from our IPs (which serve /b/ & /r9k/) for their entire network, instead of only the affected customers. AT&T did not contact us prior to implementing the block. Here is their statement regarding the matter.

    In the end, this wasn’t a sinister act of censorship, but rather a bit of a mistake and a poorly executed, disproportionate response on AT&T’s part. Whoever pulled the trigger on blackholing the site probably didn’t anticipate [nor intend] the consequences of doing so.

  131. Waaaah Waaaah
    4chan rules! memes and pr0n and moar sauce plox!
    Newfags and pedobear and grinman and orly! Longcat is so funny I just shit myself! More cartoon child porn! More shitting dick nipples! More random, unfunny shit!

    srsly gtfo and stfu!

    Man you /b/tards have absolutely no methods of legit conversation.
    Why don’t you whiny little chicken shitted brats do what you usually do? Put on your gay ass Guy Fawkes masks and pretend to be terrorists. You’ve changed the world so much with your dick girl porn and message board “invasions”. Maybe the usual fake, spineless death threats you use on Scientology.

    Anon = whiny. unfunny shitlicks playing internet hero.

  132. SO tired of seeing those boring WordPress designs. Really nice to see some fresh blogs! Thanks for taking the time to incorporate that in your blog. A sight for sore eyes to see.

  133. Never buying AT&T again. At least until the ban is lifted. I actually wish I had some sort of AT&T service just so I could cancel it.

  134. Ryan, you have to realize that ATT is not just a company. It is a utility. You can restrict a person’s utilities because he’s growing pot (electrical) or is pirating (internets), as that is illegal. /b/ is another issue.

  135. There’s no chance that’s right! Apple never used to be quite like that. I am aged enough to recall the very first one that even had mouse support and two clickable buttons, nevermind all this fancy stuff they have anymore.

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  137. @Captain: It seems like everything is department polices anymore. AT&T would have continued to do this if not for the massive uproar.

    AT&T wanted to see how far they could push…metered billing will be next…

  138. I have to wonder about “following the practices of their policy department”. It’s there policy to block sites they don’t like? That’s just wrong.

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